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Discover the mesmerizing allure of the Florida Islands in the Solomon Islands, nestled amid the glistening turquoise waters. Also known as the Nggela Islands, this tropical paradise boasts lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and a vibrant cultural heritage awaiting exploration.

A Mosaic of Islands

Comprising two primary islands, Nggela Sule and Nggela Pile, along with smaller islets like Tulagi, Gavutu, and Tanambogo, the Florida Islands offer a diverse range of landscapes and activities. Whether you're in search of secluded coves for snorkeling, vibrant coral reefs perfect for diving, rolling hills brimming with wildlife, or ancient villages steeped in tradition, these islands cater to every desire.

See Florida Islands Facts

Florida Islands Facts

Exploring the Enchantment of Florida Islands

Discover Your Ideal Island Getaway in the Florida Islands

Discover Your Ideal Island Getaway in the Florida Islands

Accessible by boat from Gizo, the Western Province’s vibrant capital, the Florida Islands beckon with serene charm. Numerous guesthouses and homestays provide cozy accommodations, enabling an authentic immersion into island living. Optimal for a visit between May and October, the dry season promises sun-kissed days and crystal-clear skies for an unforgettable experience.

Discover Exotic Island Adventures

Discover Exotic Island Adventures

Tulagi: Embark on a journey through history on Tulagi, a former colonial capital and battleground during WWII. Uncover remnants of bunkers and shipwrecks, or immerse yourself in the enchanting Nggela Cultural Centre, exhibiting indigenous artifacts and traditions.

Gavutu and Tanambogo: These islands hold immense historical significance, deeply intertwined with WWII. Trek through lush jungles, honor war memorials, and delve into the captivating narratives of communities that bore witness to these pivotal events.

Experience the Natural Wonders of Nggela Islands

Experience the Natural Wonders of Nggela Islands

Nggela Sule invites you to explore its verdant rainforests, revealing cascading waterfalls, secluded lagoons, and a vibrant array of wildlife, from captivating birds to playful dolphins. Unwind on the pristine Paruru beaches while soaking in the awe-inspiring sunsets.

Meanwhile, Nggela Pile beckons with its unspoiled charm, boasting traditional villages, untouched coastlines, and lively coral reefs bustling with marine diversity. Navigate through mangrove forests via kayak, dive into the colorful underwater world while snorkeling, and immerse yourself in the welcoming embrace of local communities.

Cultural Immersions

Cultural Immersions

Explore Cultural Immersion in the Florida Islands: Experience the vibrant heritage of the Nggela people through traditional dances, intricate wood carvings, and basket weaving. Engage in lively cultural festivals and embrace the warmth of local hospitality. Immerse yourself in a harmonious way of life intertwined with nature’s beauty.

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