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The Solomon Islands is the opposite of a ‘commercialised beach destination’. Here, travellers are welcomed to simple, carefree living and rich experiences. Just three hours away from Brisbane, this destination is a picture-perfect beach holiday minus the crowds.

With 992 islands giving travellers unlimited access to forest-covered mountains, some of the best diving and fishing spots on the globe, white sand beaches as far as the eye can see, World War II sites and war memorials, lip-smacking Polynesian cuisine – a trip to the Solomons is a holiday to remember.

Ethnically, over 94% of the population is Melanesian, with the rest made up of Polynesian, European and Chinese settlers. Over the thousands of years, the demographic of Solomon Islands has grown to include European settlers, along with Pacific Islanders as well as Asians. Traveller will find the islanders warm, genuine hosts who are enthusiastic about sharing facets of their lives and culture with the outside world.

It is said that the history and customs are passed down from father to son with the help of the spirits of the island ancestors themselves, propagating the culture of the nation. Tourists can visit villages to see arts and craft forms which have endured for 4,000 years as well as ‘kastoms’ (customs) handed down for generations. Also, as a country which witnessed World War II first-hand, Solomon Islands is a veritable treasure trove of history. Visitors can check out old anti-aircraft/warship guns and installations spread all over the island.

Explore Solomon Islands – Culture
Explore Solomon Islands – Food and Cuisines

Over the years, the cuisine of Solomon Islands is a reflection of the natural abundance of fruits, vegetables as well as the seafood available to the people as well as the cultural and gastronomic influences of the settlers. Visitors will find island favourites such as dishes made of root vegetables, fermented taro and international favourites such as beef burgers and fries!

This island destination is a diver’s paradise. The clear blue ocean covers miles of coral gardens in their multi-coloured majesty, where travellers can swim around silver and golden shoals of fish. Scuba diving, snorkelling, game fishing, wreck diving, wind surfing, kite surfing… every water activity is amazing in the Solomons! Plus, the Solomon Islands are dotted with archaeological monuments, including ancient ceremonial shrines paying homage to a culture existing for the past 4,000 years. The curious adventurer can spend hours learning about ancient hillforts, skull shrines and sites of important Polynesian legends.

Explore Solomon Islands – Activities and Experiences

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